Gen 2 Jade


In case you may be confused, after Jade transitioned to toddler, I moved the Bell family from the Midnight Sun Island to Sansara Isles, where the story continues.


Samsara Isles- Read Me First!
The Beginning of Samsara Isles – Read Me Next!

Chapter 1 Plenty of Bad Stuff Chapter 9 Life Will Never Be The Same Chapter 24 Art In A Castle
Camp I Can – First Letters Chapter 10 Hello Blue Eyes Chapter 25 Travis
Camp I Can Parent Account Post Chapter 11 Eyes Open Chapter 26 Together or Apart?
Camp I Can So Much To Tell You Chapter 12 Jilly!  Oh Jilly! Special Edition Tribute To Jilly
Camp I Can Trouble At Camp Chapter 13 S.A.I.D and Sadness
Camp I can Time For Goodbyes Chapter 14 One Step Forward
Camp I Can Behind The Scenes Chapter 15 Alex and Travis
Special Feature – To Please The Readers Chapter 16 It’s My Life
Chapter 2 Dear Jilly/Our New Life Chapter 17 Sayonara Samsara Part 1
Chapter 3 We’re Going To France Chapter 18 Sayonara Part 2
Chapter 4 A Picture Chapter Chapter 19 Revelations!
Chapter 5 Jade and Time Chapter 20 The Truth For Jade
Chapter 6 Pareadise, Not So Paradise Chapter 21 Life and Death
Chapter 7 Good News, Bad News Or Undecided? Chapter 22 “HIM”
Chapter 8 Chapter 23 After


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