*6 pose set
*tested in game
*the child on dad’s lap switches out for a toddler.
*the poses snap together fairly well, but the use of the moveobjects on cheat with alt on your keyboard may be required to tweak them a it.



So many combinations to be made with this set.  Switch out the child and place in the second toddler. Remove the toddler at the end.  Place the child on a stool, without dad.
Dad can be removed on the end and place the toddler on a stool.  Or remove everyone at all to leave just mom and baby, or mom baby and a toddler….. So many combinations to choose from.

Download Via

CC Used In Pics  

*2 adult sims, 2 available for download
-Female Sim Quinn Archer with CC hair available here at TSR
-Male Sim Ryan Brown available here at TSR
*toddler hair, NewSea

*stone bench (not included) featured by #NynaeveDesigns at T.S.R.  here