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First, Second, Third Base -Teens

Your teen is pregnant!  But how did it happen?  Poses for teens – first to third base, leading up to “home base” which I have not shown in set. *21 poses/or 27 poses for the full set (read important information below) *pose list compatible *the poses snap together as designed *the teens will not sink…

That’s My Girl!

Situational pose set where two male sims are fighting over one female sim. Thank you to Kymber from Noble Doubt for the idea of this pose set! *22 poses *pose list compatible Ending Scenario # 1  No One Gets The Girl “See ya later boys!” Ending Scenario # 2  The Choice Is Made DOWNLOAD VIA…

Meeting At The Bar


Disputes Over Money

This set was updated on July 5th 2020.  If you have the old set from 2018, please delete it.  The codes from this set conflicted with the new Family Fighting pose set, which is now fixed and this set fully tweaked. Those spats over money are always inevitable in a marriage.  Times get tough and…