How To Use Poses

To begin, poses require two things to work:

  • A Mods folder – poses come in package files and must be placed inside a packages folder inside a mods folder

  • Pose Player – which can be found at Mod The Sims

Mods Folder

You can create your own folder, but you will need to find the resourge.cfg file to download and place inside.
Or you can download an already created mods folder from mod the sims found HERE This page has some useful information on a mods folder, but you are looking for the light blue DOWNLOAD word in the middle of the page when you scroll down a bit.

Your mods folder goes into your game folder.  Here is the path:

C – Documents -Electronics Arts – The Sims 3

Pose Player

Can be found HERE  Install this file inside your package folder, found inside the mods folder.  When you are in game, the pose player is found in decor – miscellaneous. 

  The clapboard costs 1 simoleon in game.

Place the clapboard anywhere in the room, click on it and choose which way you would like to do a pose.

How to Install Poses

Poses come as package files and must be installed inside your packages folder, found inside your mods folder. You can drag the file from your downloads folder on your computer, or right click on the pose set and choose copy, then right click again inside your packages folder and choose paste. 

Creating a folder labelled Poses inside your packages folder will keep all your poses together and easy to find.  When you start downloading a great many poses, you may wish to keep them in separate folders per creator name, or category (adult poses, child poses, outdoor poses, family poses etc)


Pose List Vs Non Pose List

Pose packages are created to be used two different ways:

Pose List

  • includes thumbnails pics where you can choose your pose by the pic.  You access these poses by clicking on the clapboard, then choosing Select Pose.  Scroll the list of pics to find the pose you need.  Beginners might find it easier to use this method.

Non Pose List

  • does not include thumbnail pics.  Pose creators provide a code for each pose. A sim is placed into a pose by clicking on the clapboard and choosing pose by name. The code is then typed in the box that pops up titled Pose Name.  






Why Choose Pose List?

Some users prefer a visual reference and don’t mind scrolling a potentially long list, depending on the amount of poses installed in their game.  Others will swap out poses, only installing poses as needed for their creation.

Why Choose Non Pose List?

The pose player mod can only display so many poses for viewing; it has a limit.  Which means you can install poses, but will not be able to see them by choosing “Select Pose” on the pose player (clap board).  Story tellers/pic creators find it easier to have all the poses in game they could ever want and type in the codes.  Often, those users create a “catalogue” of poses, using the small pics pose creators include with the poses.  Some print the catalogue and place them in a binder.  Others create a folder on their computer, and organize their poses within that folder; often placing poses in several different categories.  

Non Pose List Codes

adult codes begins with a_
child codes begins with c_
toddler codes begins with p_
baby codes begins with b_

Animal codes are as follows:  

adult horse code begins with ah_
puppy code begins with cd_

adult cat code begins with ac_
adult dog code begin with ad_
little dog code begins with al_
kitten code begins with cc_
foal code begins with ch_
reindeer begins with ab_


Cheats Required For Poses

Some poses or objects will need to be shifted into place.  Begin by holding ctrl + shift + C on your keyboard to bring up the cheat bar at the top left of the screen.  Type in:

testingCheatsEnabled true  – this enables all cheats to work in game.   

Bring up the cheat bar again and type:

moveobjects on – this allows you to move sims around and slide objects into place.  Remember to turn this cheat off when you are done using it by changing the word “on” to off in the cheat.  It’s important to remember to turn it off as you never want to save your game with the MOO cheat on.

One More Slot Please

This mod is one that is often used with poses, to raise or lower objects/sims into place.   You can find it HERE  In game you can find it in Decor – Miscellaneous.  In my game it is always the first thing in the list.  This mod is also a package file and therefore goes inside your packages folder in your mods folder.


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