Hello everyone!  I’ve decided to create a page listing my skins, as I have had several questions from players asking which skins I use.  In portraying poses, it’s very important to create sims who are as simple looking as possible.  So I tend to use skins that have little detail to the face.

To begin, I use skins for the feet so you have lovely toes to see instead of EA’s default feet.

[cyo] cute feet for children and toddlers

The site is not in English and I can’t say if it’s safe, so if you want the feet you can also grab them from my SFS here:



Adult female
Adult male
Adult elder female
Adult elder male
Teen female
Teen male

I use this skin the most:
SCLUB ts3 skin FB2.0AB

This is the second skin I use the most

I tend to use this on males
PS TS3 Studio Skin ND


ESKIN Weak Freckle


SClub 3.0 Chocolat Fix

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