Poses Not Snapping Together Or Lining Up

Question:  Why do some poses not snap together or line up as the creator shows?

This question is about sims that are snapped together but will not line up as created, no matter what you try.  This issue doesn’t happen very often to me, but as soon as it does, I will grab pics for examples.

I’m not sure if this is a posing glitch, or another example of distracted sims altering the pose at the last second and causing a glitch.  It’s frustrating for myself testing my own poses, as I know for sure they are created to snap together fully lining up.  Even more so when it is someone else’s creation!

Keep in mind, sims will not pop into place together if they are several spaces away.  You will have to move them together in the same spot for them to snap together and even then, you may have to line them up. 

To solve the glitch of sims not lining up: 

  1.  First type in the cheat testingcheatsenabled true.  Then, input the  cheat, moveobjects on.

  2.  Next pose the sims and find they are not lining up.

  3.  Go into buy mode, grab the sims and then turn the position of both sims one turn away by using the “comma” or the “period” button on your keyboard.  Turn both sims back into position and they will snap together, fully lined up.   It’s like a “reset” of the poses.  You must do both poses for this to work.


If the sims did not line up, check to make sure you have both sims in the correct position according to the original creation. Perhaps one sim has not been turned all the way.   Here is an example below.  All three sims are snapped together but the standing female, needs to be turned one click to the left.  This situation is easily fixed by turning the sim.  This is not the same as the glitch I am trying to explain.  

(To find the tutorial for turned heads, as you see is also a problem in the left pic, click HERE.)


You can find these poses above, in the Homecoming Set.

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