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Wedding Guests – Sitting Poses

The second set for wedding guests, that can easily be used as simple sitting poses as well in other situations.  The first wedding guest set can be found: Wedding Guests – Standing Poses  Some of the poses were specifically requested.*32 poses*pose list and non pose list CC Used In This Set Bench  Notes:  1.  Depending…

Wedding Guests – Standing Poses

Standing poses for guests watching the bride walking down the aisle.  Sitting poses are coming next with various situations for all those who love completely posed weddings for their stories! *15 Poses*pose list and non pose list compatible*bride pose in pics is available in my Bridal Party Portrait Set*pose L6 works for both sides CC…

ALT Wedding Poses

I have redesigned my wedding poses for sims of a larger build and/or slightly pregnant.  Not all 34 poses from the original wedding set needed to be altered. *20 Poses *Pose list compatible   DOWNLOAD VIA SIMFILESHARE – poses only Simfileshare – for pose code users (includes poses, pics and codes)