TV Watching Poses

19 Poses

*snap together
*pose list compatible
*depending on the couch you choose, some poses may need to be shifted side to side with the move objects on cheat or up with the one more slot from MTS


Pose 1-3 was created for the blog story Noble Doubt.

CC Shown In Pic

I used the squat pillow from Around The sims 3 for pose 11 and 12 which is NOT included with this set.  Please download from the site:

For any other CC you may be interested in, check TSR for hairs or my story site for any possible links 

group shot

Pose 6 (teen), 2, 3, 1, 4, 12 (child on floor), 19 (todd on floor)


pose 14, 9, 5, 11 (child on floor)


pose 7, 14, 17, 8 (todd), 16


pose 13


Poses 6 and 7 teens, do not sink into the ground or furniture.

Toddler Poses In This Set

pose 8pose 19Screenshot-87pose16

Download Via
(you only need to choose one)

1.  SIMFILESHARE (poses only)

2.  SimFileShare (pose code users-includes pics, codes)

3.  TSR





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