Cell Interuptus!

This is an old set from 2018 that I plan to fix and update this year. (2022)

Those dang cell phones!  Always interrupting moments when you least want them to.  In this set, there are 14 poses depicting the following scenes:

Pose1-5 Interrupting sleep
Pose 6-7 Interrupting a make out session on a bed
Pose 8 Interrupting work/homework
Pose 9-10 Interrupting a date
Pose 11 On the toilet
Pose 12-14 At the movies/watching tv

Pose list compatible.  Pose codes go as follows: a_bmit_cell1 (then 2, 3, 4….feeling too lazy to type them all out)

Cell phone accessory  HERE


Pose 1 Being woken by the cell.  Sim has picked it up off the nightstand.


Pose 2 – trying not to wake up too much in hopes of going back to sleep after checking the phone.



Pose 5 – Uggggg!  They woke me for that??!!


Pose 9 and 10 – Interrupting a date.



(the set on TSR is slightly different)


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