Couple Fight

**This set is slated to be redone this year with new poses as well as the ones you see here.  Check back for an updated set or check the tab on the menu bar, Updated Poses.

Couple fighting (can be any gender), but were made specifically for the blog story upon request.  Please check out the chapter they were featured in today!

*13 poses
*pose list compatible


Pose 1 girl on ground a_bmit_couplefight1

Pose 2 guy on top a_bmit_couplefight2


Pose 3 above a_bmit_couplefight3

Pose 4 below a_bmit_couplefight4



Pose Codes

a_bmit_couplefight1   female lying on ground

a_bmit_couplefight2   male on top

a_bmit_couplefight3  guy tied to post

a_bmit_couplefight4  guy tied to post head crooked to side

a_bmit_couplefight5   female is dragging the male who is passed out

a_bmit_couplefight6  male passed out lying on floor

a_bmit_couplefight7  female punching male

a_bmit_couplefight8  male being punched

a_bmit_couplefight9   female being punched

a_bmit_couplefight10  male punching female

a_bmit_couplefight11  female on ground holding side of face


a_bmit_defense1   girl kicking guy in privates

a_bmit_defense2   guy being kicked in the privates

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  5 comments for “Couple Fight

  1. January 21, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Bee, could you give me the name of the poses? I usually download the no-posepacks because they are faster to use 🙂 I used the kick in the nuts here:

    The beginning of a real, calculated, romance 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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