Troubled Teen

This set is slated to be remade this year to fix all the errors and stop the teens from sinking into the ground/furniture.

**The teens in this set sink into the floor and furniture.  I have plans to redo them soon, but it’s a lot of work, so give me some time.  In the meantime, the one more slot from MTS still allows the poses to be fully functional.  I do know, that the arm on pose 8b is slightly twisted.  I am not sure how that happened, but it’s one of my fixes coming up.

16 piece pose set made upon request for a good friend.

*poses are pose list compatible
*poses have been tested in game and work as designed
*teen poses must be raised up by using the one more slot from Mod The sims.  Raise the teen 4 cms to line up with adult.  To do pose 8 and 8b, I raised the teen to 5 cm

One more slot found here:

*download link below for the pose set



Screenshot-5_zpsdhhx5uloScreenshot-4_zpswofuqovzScreenshot-3_zpsaqnprlgmScreenshot-7_zpsmujlpoqoScreenshot-8_zpsdk1fzmhoScreenshot-017_zpszlpp8yy9Screenshot-018_zpslv40a6v7Screenshot-016_zpso4wxw3zqScreenshot-2_zpseixx1b1lScreenshot_zpslej6nu9gScreenshot-005Screenshot-002Screenshot-001_zpswbzwjezjScreenshot-004_zpszwlioskmScreenshot-15_zpshgkrsmcb (1)Screenshot-14ScreenshotScreenshot-19



**Thank you for taking a look!  Please do not re upload or claim as your own!  But I do LOVE shares!

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