New Unfinished Sets

If there is anything I would want you to know about me, and you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big planner and organizer.  I really can’t function well unless I organize my life with lists and think ten steps ahead for the future.  I’ve always been this way, even as a young child and it started after I experienced my first tornado at the age of nine.  After that, everything changed.  

Just to give you an idea, right now I have all our meals planned to the end of January and with the exception of perishable foods that we need to be shopped for each week, I have all the food bought for those meals as well.  This is how I cope with the inevitable season of winter and all the challenges that arise with power outages and closed roads.  Down in my storage room, I have all the food/supplies, so I know we are safe.  One less worry to deal with.  I’m sure on some level, that sounds a little weird.  

In regards to poses, I have those lists, sure enough.  I finally counted how many posted pose sets I have up on my site, and the total is 130.  But on other lists, I have sets I have started and those that are nearly finished as well.  I’ve held onto these sets for several reasons; I feel like I can add so much more to them, or I have big ideas to finish off the sets and others I want to tweak some more till I know they are as good as can be.  I always want to cover every scenario for a scene, so you won’t have to look elsewhere for what you need.  However, having those sets just sitting on my computer really doesn’t do anyone any good.  Not you or even me, as having those lists are weights hanging above my head all the time.  I haven’t fully counted them, but I know there are over 60 sets waiting.  Even more on another, list where I have fully planned out a set, but not started the actual posing.  I have so many ideas!  My brain never shuts down.  I even sometimes dream posing.

I wish I had 24 hours a day to focus solely on posing to get them all done to perfection, even though I know that is simply unrealistic in itself.   I read your stories and see your struggles, often thinking, I have that exact pose on my computer right now!  If only I had gotten it out for them!  Which brings me down at times and often makes me feel slightly like a failure.  When I go down this road, I start thinking about quitting….yet those unfinished pose sets, and my need to never leave anything undone…….

SO, I have decided, I’m just going to put them up for download.  At times I know you will think, oh I wish she had included that with the set, and you will be right. Because I’m sure that missing pose was one of the exact reasons why it was sitting on the Poses In Progress list.  I will get up what I have, and hopefully add to each set as time goes on. 

The first set you will see, is New Baby.  In this set, are 4 poses: baby, one toddler and two children. 

I had plans to add a parent and even a teenager and I wanted to try having the toddler holding the baby too in some fashion.  These ideas will have to come at a later date.  I hope you enjoy the newest set and Happy Simming To All!

Click HERE to see the new set


  7 comments for “New Unfinished Sets

  1. November 8, 2021 at 6:10 pm

    You are the organization queen, I have always said. 😀 I think it’s great you’re putting them up for download. Hopefully, doing that will make it feel like you have less hanging over you. And YAY, poses to download! 😀

    The set you’re about to post is so adorable.

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    • November 8, 2021 at 8:11 pm

      I think it will work 3 fold both good and bad. One, I will feel I am providing more for you. Two I will see the missing poses not added in a set yet every time I look at the posted set. Three they won’t be as perfect as the ones you have always seen coming from me. Some will make me feel better, some will cause different kinds of anxiety. There is no winning with me!

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  2. November 8, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    OMG, how I admire your organization skills! I’m terrible at planning meals, I’m ashamed to say that I just impulse buy food and often have to throw things away because I never got to cook what I had planned. Not very economic, and unexcusable after having spent several years in Africa seeing people starve for real.

    I will eagerly download your poses, everything you have to offer will surely be as great as ever!

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    • November 8, 2021 at 8:08 pm

      Hiya, we threw out a lot of food too over the years. My husband works a job where he gets paid at the beginning of the months for the last month’s work. So we have to budget off that. For the past year, I have spent a good portion of my inheritance building up a food storage to create a working pantry, which has allowed us to expand our meal menu as well. I have a years worth of food, for 6 people stored, both in the storage pantry which is constantly being pulled from everyday, to also long term food storage. It’s taken some of the stress off us as a family to know we can go weeks without power or the ability to leave our home. But the meal plan itself really keeps the grocery bill down and worked for us very well.

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      • November 9, 2021 at 9:00 pm

        I guess you have to prepare for the winter in a way we have difficulty understanding in Europe. My family isn’t able to go more than a few days without grocery shopping. But I guess there is not much risk of us being cut from the world where I live right now, on the outskirts of the Alps. But it’s getting chilly, and I suppose we’ll get our share of snow. My parents in Sweden have also stocked up for the winter, my mom’s a little like you – buying a half pig and freezing it, taking care of berries and mushrooms, making jam and baking goodies for the whole family. Makes me homesick with Christmas approaching and all… Meanwhile, tomorrow is Wednesday, and exceptionnally I only have two classes in the morning, so it’s sushi lunch for me, with a good book and a blanket over my shoulders!

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        • November 9, 2021 at 11:30 pm

          The weather report for us says: Merging systems threaten up to 40 cms of snow over these parts of (our area)….which is 15 inches!

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