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Fun On The Slide!

I never would have guessed that I could come up with so many ideas for poses on a slide.  Only a slide!  But I did, 15 of them to be exact.  In fact, I actually could have done more than 15, but decided to stop at the ones I had.  This is the first of…

Child’s Play 2

*11 poses of children playing games as they once did before technology.  Second set to  Child’s Play 1 Child’s Play 3 *poses list compatible *tested in game twice and work as designed Note- pose 10 was designed low so that you could use the one more slot package (from MTS) and hang the child off…

Mommy and Me Yoga

*26 poses created for a friend upon request *pose list compatible *tested in game *poses should snap together, but if you need to tweak them, use of the moveobjects on cheat with the alt button can be used *This is not the same pose pack as the one on TSR.  That pose pack only has…

Daddy and Me Rough Play

On May 6th, Poses By Bee celebrated a one year anniversary!                   This is my gift to all my loyal followers with my special thanx for your encouraging comments, and wonderful ideas!  I have many more new sets finished that need to be posted and I will get…

Child’s Play 3

*20 Poses *snap together as designed *tested in game Notes: *to place the basketball for pose 12 and 14, you will need the one more slot from MTS *one more slot height for pose 12 -90, height for pose 14 -120 (I think) Duck Duck Goose Game A popular game where I live in Canada,…


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