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Birth Poses

Warning: Realistic poses for the birth of babies, showing babies being born.  If this may disturb you, please click out of the post now.  I’ve created three different birthing scenarios.  *29 poses –  pose list and non pose list Labor poses can be found in a separate set HERE   CC Used In This Set…

Travel Set 2

The second set to finish up the last requested poses for travel. I did not have time to create a room to support these poses, but here is what I am trying to support:  security check, saying a teary goodbye, couple walking thru the airport, and racing through pushing a trolley for fun. Travel Set…

Labour Poses

Realistic poses for sims getting ready for the miracle of birth.   Birth poses will be in their own set coming soon.  I have also included poses for larger sized sims. (slightly over the halfway mark on the size slider in CAS) Those poses have a “b” after the number.  Oh and remember I’m Canadian, so…


This set started as a 6 piece request for Mother’s Day to be featured in  A Girl In Hiding, which is a fabulous story on Fb!  If you get a chance please check it out!  I’ve grown the set to 32 different poses! Note: Even though I have shown the returning sims in army attire,…

Sibling Care

*14 poses *pose list compatible CC Used In This Set Open children’s book Plate of Cookies **Note the open children’s book will need to be raised up by using the one more slot from MTS.  The approximate height is 12 cm DOWNLOAD VIA  Pose List – poses only Non Pose List – includes poses, pics,…

Bridal Party Portrait

*5 poses *pose list compatible CC Used BEO Bouquet Note:  The codes in this set follow the sequence of the codes for the Bridal Party – Champagne Toast Set Codes a_bmit_bride2 a_bmit_maid4 a_bmit_maid5 a_bmit_maid6 a_bmit_maid7 DOWNLOAD VIA Pose List – poses only Non Pose List–  includes poses, codes, pics, links to CC T.S.R

Champagne Toast

Bridal Party Champagne Toast *4 Poses *pose list compatible CC Used In This Set Inna_Lisa Champagne glasses  Right Hand   Left Hand You can also get the glasses HERE DOWNLOAD VIA  Pose List – poses only Non Pose List – includes poses, pics and codes, links to CC

ALT Wedding Poses

I have redesigned my wedding poses for sims of a larger build and/or slightly pregnant.  Not all 34 poses from the original wedding set needed to be altered. *20 Poses *Pose list compatible   DOWNLOAD VIA SIMFILESHARE – poses only Simfileshare – for pose code users (includes poses, pics and codes)

Punching Poses

*10 poses*pose list and non pose list compatible*snap together as designed DOWNLOAD VIA  Pose List – poses only  NonPose List – includes poses, pics and codes **This set will not be going up on T.S.R. Back To Emotion Poses  

The Three Bridesmaids

*3 poses *snap together as designed Note:  All you need for this set is an arm chair where the arm is straight and runs back to front.  This chair shown is an EA base game object. This could also be a bride and her two bridesmaids.  Or three sisters portrait. CC Seen In This Picture…