Meeting At The Cafe

I want to start off with a warning that this pose set is not one I would advise beginner posers to use. 

Mainly because the coffee cup is not a CAS accessory and therefore has to be placed on the one more slot, raised up and then shifted into position.  Some of the sims will also need to be shifted in position as well, using moveobjects on with the alt button on your keyboard.  

This pose pack has been designed using the coffee mug by Spacesims, which is not included in the set and can be found HERE

The book accessory for Pose 1 was borrowed from kuroineko0  at MTS and can be found HERE.  The books are not included with my cafe pose set.  I love the poses by kuroineko0 provided with these accessory books, but I needed a specific one for my blog story, Gen 2 Jade Chapter 24 and so I created my own.  That chapter inspired this whole set.  However, we really need more sitting/convo poses available, which I found out while searching for one to use!

Poses 4 & 5, 6 & 7 and 12 & 13 are designed to go together, but the rest are all interchangeable. I did try pose 5 with pose 12 & 13 and thought it looked really good.

Pose 2 “May I sit here?”  is what I was envisioning when I made this.  You may have other ideas.  An opening line to meet some new sim, or meeting up with friends.

One More Slot Heights
(depending on the table you use and if you also raise the sim)

Table height 78
Pose 2 – 115
Pose 8 – 98
Pose 9 – 113

Pose Codes

a_bmit_cafe4   and so on…all the way down to 16










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    • February 23, 2019 at 3:39 pm

      Jowita, for some reason this comment was in spam!! That has never happened before. I’m glad they were useful to you in some capacity. Now I am anxious to see it. Thank you for letting me know!


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