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Travel Set 2

The second set to finish up the last requested poses for travel. I did not have time to create a room to support these poses, but here is what I am trying to support:  security check, saying a teary goodbye, couple walking thru the airport, and racing through pushing a trolley for fun. Travel Set…

Casual Sitting Poses

Casual sitting poses with a few more emotional/body language poses included.  I’ve also kept the faces fairly neutral, to help fit more situations. *37 poses*pose list and non pose list 😉   Thank you for checking out my new set!  Likes, comments and shares are appreciated! DOWNLOAD VIA  SIMFILESHARE – poses only  Simfileshare – non pose list…

Couple Sit

Poses for couples, sitting and interacting on a couch.  *17 poses*pose list and non pose list compatible Note:  11a and 12a for high back couches, 11b and 12b for low back couches, you may need to use MOO cheat for 11b/12b, to slide couch in place. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*                …

Couch Cuddle 3

The third set in the series!  I have one more couch cuddle set to come after this one. *12 poses*pose list and non pose list DOWNLOAD VIA   SIMFILESHARE – poses only   Simfileshare – non pose list (includes poses, pics, codes)

Meeting At The Park

This is an updated set! With brand new poses mixed in with a few older poses from the original set.  If you have the original set, please delete it as the codes will conflict.  Bench heights vary between EA and CC, so for the poses it affects (mostly for feet and hands), I have created…


This set started as a 6 piece request for Mother’s Day to be featured in  A Girl In Hiding, which is a fabulous story on Fb!  If you get a chance please check it out!  I’ve grown the set to 32 different poses! *32 Poses*pose list and non pose list ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* DOWNLOAD VIA  SIMFILESHARE –…

Caught In The Act – Set 2

Second set in the series “Caught In the Act”.  You can find the first set [HERE] *20 poses*pose list and non post list compatible CC Seen In The Pics              *Please scroll down to give me a like/comment [Bride Tees ]   [Beer Bottles] DOWNLOAD VIA  SIMFILESHARE – pose list (poses…

The Baby Is Coming! – Teens


*23 poses
*poses snap together as designed
*poses do not sink into the floor or furniture


I’ve tried to show three different attitudes for the teen male.  The first being indifference, the second being a supportive boyfriend and the third would be the nervous boyfriend.  Hopefully that supports all the different views for your storytelling.

Baby Poses – the baby for pose 2 is just a hair too low and I’ve tried to fix it several times with no result.  You can use the one more slot to raise the baby one cm.  I’ve only designed the baby poses using the wrapped up baby, since that is how babies look first born.

The furniture used will have to be adjusted under the sims using the moveobjects on cheat.

CC Used for This Set

Exam Bed and Medical Stool

Surgical Table


pose 1-3 full(the end, at the beginning of this post)

pose 1-3

pose 4 and 10

pose 6 and 8 and 11 and 12

back shot

pose 4-5

Pose 6-7

(You may notice the cut lines around the female teen legs.  Tara is a pregnant teenage sim and through master controller, I have enabled teens to be able to wear adult clothes so I could have the dress.  It’s a conflict but not corrupt CC. These poses were tested in a brand new vanilla game.)

pose 9.jpg

poses 13 and 14 and 17

pose 13 and 14 face

pose 14b

pose 18-21

pose 18-21 left

pose 18-21 right

Pose 15-16b

Pose 15



(You only need to download one)

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**This Set Will Not Be Going Up on TSR

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Teens – Caring For Young Ones

Teenagers help out a lot around the home with their younger siblings.  Here are just a few of the things they do.

This could also be a complimentary set to the Teenage Pregnancy series – the teen is now a mom.  If you haven’t already, please check out the Teen cuddle set as well.

*18 poses
*pose list compatible
*teens do not sink into floor/furniture

CC Used In This Set

Severinka Rag

Hairbrush by ClioSims3 available at the site  Mocha Sims







5and6 5and6front


Note:  I’ve created the toddler pose to sit higher in the tub for better pic taking for stories.














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