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Whoops, I goofed!

Okay so I goofed, well kinda.  Not sure if it’s a true goof, or a sign my life has been too busy, OR I’m getting too big for my britches.  BUT, it was a whoops none the same and very special thanks to Wendy Hurts from My Sims Stories- The Farmer Family Legacy it was…

Punching Poses

*10 poses*pose list compatible*snap together as designed DOWNLOAD VIA  SIMFILESHARE – poses only Simfileshare – for pose code users ( includes poses, pics and codes) **This set will not be going up on T.S.R. Back To Adult Poses  

Just Standing – Males

In reading along with friend’s stories I see them struggling to find poses for standing during conversations, and often resort to using ones that do not fit with what is going on.  This is my attempt to assist story makers.  Poses for males – Just Standing. This pose set is complimentary to the Emo Males…

Desire 2- Fully Updated!

This pose set has been updated.  This set was originally posted the last week of February 2020, but I found an issue with it and pulled it from publication till it was fixed.  If you have the set that was published in February, please delete it before installing this one.  Sorry for any inconvenience!   This…

Game Night

Happy New Years!  A set for New Years party time. *14 poses *pose list compatible *may require a bit of shifting sims and seats using the move objects on cheat Instructions The game boards directly affect the placement of the seats and sometimes won’t allow you to slide the chairs using the moveobjects on cheat. …

Emotions – Body Language

*7 poses *pose list compatible Notes 1.  Some poses may need to be shifted in place on the furniture using the moveobjects on cheat, after typing in the testingCheatsEnabled true cheat 2.  I did my best to move the arm on pose 29, bent up towards the head. I would suggest a long shirt to hide the…

Conversation Poses

**Thanks to freejack100 from The Musketeers for this suggestion!  He was looking for some poses where the sims were being interviewed in front of an audience but in a casual setting.  I’ve tried to meet that request while also making the poses usable for regular conversation poses.  I also had a request to make my emotion poses into seated ones, so I have added some of those to bulk up the set.

*24 Poses
*pose list compatible

*Microphone by Severinka












The Interviewer

**The microphone clips into the palm of the hand from creation and makes the hand look wavy unfortunately.  I’ve tried to fix the look by adjusting the hand several ways, but the microphone goes half way into the hand under the pinky finger which distorts the fingers.








  1. SIMFILESHARE – pose file only

  2. Simfileshare – for pose code users (includes poses, codes, pics and links)

  3. T.S.R. 

Emotion – Male Adult Poses

This is a companion set to the first one, Emotion-Adults which features only females.  I designed that set with females in mind,  it doesn’t mean they can’t be used for male sims.  However, males and females do present emotions differently in most ways, which led to two different sets for both genders. *24 poses *pose…

That’s My Girl!

Situational pose set where two male sims are fighting over one female sim. Thank you to Kymber from Noble Doubt for the idea of this pose set! *22 poses *pose list compatible Ending Scenario # 1  No One Gets The Girl “See ya later boys!” Ending Scenario # 2  The Choice Is Made DOWNLOAD VIA…