Guys And Gals

This set could be an add on to the Meeting At The Bar set.  This set is one I needed.  I wanted a pose for a male sim seeing a female sim from across the room and he has a look of seeing someone he is really interested in.  Then her return look after she is told by her friend she is being looked at.

*10 poses – pose list and non pose list


I designed Gals 1 (sim sitting on arm of chair) on a chair from the game.  It can easily work on couches with arms the same height, but you may need to shift the couch over.  Same for a different chair.  Also, I’ve designed the male feet on a bar stool from the game.  If you use another, the feet may be at the wrong height.  Lastly the hand for guys 4 isn’t sitting on his leg because the body weight slider was too low.  I tried it on a large sim and it worked as designed.



  1.  POSE LIST – includes poses and pics

  2.  NON POSE LIST – includes poses, pics, info


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