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Coffee In The Lounge

Sitting poses drinking coffee with friends. *23 poses*pose list and non pose list The original mug designed by 77Sims3 was not enabled for both male and female.  A lovely friend and saviour from riverianepondsims took the mug and made it unisex for us to use!  Thankyou, I’m ever so grateful!!!  I used the original mug…

Attack! Poses

Sims 3 poses. Several different scenarios where sims are attacked or threatened. Held by knife to throat, pushed against a well, held roughly by the arms while kneeling on the ground, and one sim threatening to punch another. Poses are mild.

Couch Cuddle 3

The third set in the series!  I have one more couch cuddle set to come after this one. *12 poses*pose list and non pose list DOWNLOAD VIA   Pose List – poses only   NonPose List – (includes poses, pics, codes)