Portrait Set 2

**I have plans to redo this pose set soon.  It was one of my first sets and needs updated badly.

*6 pose set
*Poses are game tested and work as designed
*Poses are pose list compatible
*Adult poses can be used for teenagers, but the use of the one more slot package will raise them from the ground.
*poses should snap together on their own, however the use of the moveobjects on cheat with the alt key may be needed.

CC Shown In The Pics

*Adult female Sim is Olivia Stone available HERE
*Male Sim is Jay Fields available HERE
*Female sim in the back pose was created by RosemaryMarie from Noble Doubt.  Jilly is in her fabulous story there www.booomcha.com
*Female sim far left can be found in the story at www.fortheloveofawitch.wordpress.com  Another fabulous story I’ve been hooked on for 4 years now.

Pose Codes if necessary


Fullscreen capture 522017 104719 PM.bmpScreenshot-007Screenshot-8Screenshot-008Screenshot-6

Download Via


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