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Adult Friend Pose Pack

For those who like to do before and after portrait shots, I have provided the adult version of friend poses 1-8, seen below!    Child Version Found HERE         *8 poses *pose list compatible *snaps together as designed   I’m sure your pose 7 and 8 will look better than mine as…

Kid Set 5

*5 pose set toddler to teen *poses are tested in game *pose list compatible POSE CODES a_bmit_kidset5teen c_bmit_kidset5child1 c_bmit_kidset5child2 p_bmit_kidset5todd1 p_bmit_kidset5todd2 DOWNLOAD VIA SIMFILESHARE *Enjoy!

Friend Poses for Children

Pose 5-8 seen here, are the quads from my blog story at Stories By Bee! Come check it out if you get the chance and haven’t done so already! 8 piece pose set for children *poses snap together perfectly *pose list compatible Pose Codes c_bmit_friend1 c_bmit_friend2 c_bmit_friend3 c_bmit_friend4 c_bmit_friend5 c_bmit_friend6 c_bmit_friend7 c_bmit_friend8 DOWNLOAD  SIMFILESHARE Simfileshare…

Portrait Set 2

**I have plans to redo this pose set soon.  It was one of my first sets and needs updated badly. *6 pose set *Poses are game tested and work as designed *Poses are pose list compatible *Adult poses can be used for teenagers, but the use of the one more slot package will raise them…

Family Poses 15-18

Over the next little while, I will be posting portrait photos that will eventually become one large pose dump.  That set will be large and because of that, I am posting them in smaller batches for those who prefer it that way. Here are, poses 15-18. *pose list compatible *poses snap together as designed.  You…

Family Photo 1-14 and 19-21

Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve been working towards completing a large portrait pose package for the rest of my poses you haven’t seen yet.  Here are 17 of those poses. Poses 15-18 have already been posted and you can find that set HERE  There are still more to come after this! *the girls in this…

Family Set 4

I’ve had many requests for portrait sets with adult children and I want you to know that I have heard everyone’s request and I’m working my way towards many more sets of this age group.  Here is the first one: *mom, dad, child, teen son, adult son and his new wife. I am thinking that…


My goal in creating portraits is two fold:  I wish to use non traditional poses, or casual settings and secondly, I am trying to design them so they will be interchangeable to suit your family dynamic.  These poses can also be used for friend groupings!

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