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Portrait Pose Set 2 – Updated!

Finally, this pose set is updated!  I feel relieved I must say. *6 pose set *Poses list compatible *teen poses do not sink into the ground *adults can not be used for teen poses *************************************************************************** For reference, here is the the original set:   Pose Codes a_bmit_portraitpose1 (grandma as shown) c_bmit_portraitpose2 (child) a_bmit_portraitpose3 (female on…

Child Sleep Poses

*11 poses *pose list compatible CC Shown squat pillow from Around The sims 3 Garden Rose Living Chair by Severinka Severinka Bedroom Rug Pose 11 can be used with this pillow by Koposov DOWNLOAD VIA Pose List – poses only Non Pose List – includes poses, pics, codes, links T.S.R Back to Children’s Poses

Engagement Portraits

*30 poses *pose list compatible *in the female/male poses, the female is odd numbered and the male even numbers *pose 5 and 6 were originally meant to be placed in a set for Valentines Day, which I never got out.  I have included it here, as bonus poses CC Shown In Pics  Ring in box…