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Fun On The Slide!

I never would have guessed that I could come up with so many ideas for poses on a slide.  Only a slide!  But I did, 15 of them to be exact.  In fact, I actually could have done more than 15, but decided to stop at the ones I had.  This is the first of…

Kid Set 5

*5 pose set toddler to teen *poses are tested in game *pose list compatible POSE CODES a_bmit_kidset5teen c_bmit_kidset5child1 c_bmit_kidset5child2 p_bmit_kidset5todd1 p_bmit_kidset5todd2 DOWNLOAD VIA SIMSFILESHARE *Enjoy!

Child’s Play 2

*11 poses of children playing games as they once did before technology.  Second set to Child’s Play 1 *poses list compatible *tested in game twice and work as designed Note- pose 10 was designed low so that you could use the one more slot package (from MTS) and hang the child off any bar you choose.…

Child’s Play 3

*20 Poses *snap together as designed *tested in game Notes: *to place the basketball for pose 12 and 14, you will need the one more slot from MTS *one more slot height for pose 12 -90, height for pose 14 -120 (I think) Duck Duck Goose Game A popular game where I live in Canada,…

Family Set 5

*5 poses *pose list compatible *poses snap together as designed *created for Bree at her blog:   Female toddler clothes tend to be more poofy in the diaper area.  Adult 2, or the mom in this pic, can be slid sideways to have her hand more against the toddler using moveobjects on cheat. Download Via…


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Sims 3 Poses

 Fullscreen capture 4162017 103159 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 4132017 65431 PM.bmp
Screenshot13230x230 physiotitle


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